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Najbolja kineska bolnica XiangYa preferirala je medicinski negatoskop Jinde Tech

Vrijeme: 2022-05-11 Hits: 17

In order to make a precise diagnosis of patients' films and reduce the misdiagnosis and misdiagnosis, many hospitals are opting for the medical negatoscope produced by Jinde Tech. As the prestigious top-level hospitals in China, Xiangya to the use of a high-quality of Jinde medical negatoscope. And many well-known hospitals such as Hunan Province Cancer Hospital, Xiangya hospitals have purchased Jinde medical production of medical negatoscope.

Xiangya Hospital of Radiology in 2013 as a whole renovation, Jinde medical negatoscope won in the bid cause excellent quality, caring service, reasonable price.

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Xiangya hospital with Jinde medical negatoscope operating room installation picture

Jinde Tech, for more than 12 years specializing in the production of medical negatoscope (also known as LED film viewer, film reader), using the most advanced LED backlight technology, self-developed elastic silicone clip device, more energy efficient, more environmentally friendly and more durable.

If you are interested or have any questions about the Jinde medical negatoscope, please visit our website directly at Click the button online s。ervice or leave the message. Jinde Tech provide the high-end negatoscope, your whole process intimate consultants.

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